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IoT Consulting



Set your project up for success from day one by leveraging our decades of IoT experience.


Wireless Connectivity

Conquer new markets by employing leading wireless technologies.

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Battery Optimisation

Outlast the competition by having your energy consumption optimised down to the last microamp.

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Rest assured that your solution's security is state of the art.

Bespoke IoT Software

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Expert firmware development combining deep tech expertise with software engineering practices.

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Web applications

Bulletproof web infrastructure on any platform, using any stack.



Engaging experiences for iOS, Android and Hybrid applications.

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Big Data

Insight-ready data ingestion, storage and presentation at any scale.

IoT Distribution

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IoT Custom Devices

Working with our partners to provide the right custom built devices.

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IoT Devices

Selected IoT wireless devices (BLE mesh or Wirepas enabled) and IoT gateways.


IoT Platforms

partnering with leading cloud platform suppliers (Ingy, Metrikus, Redlore).

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End-to-End Solutions

Providing proven smart building and asset tracking solutions in Australia.

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Latest News

Symbiotech's partner Redlore released their their new On-Site Asset and People Tracking and Monitoring solution with RTLS + Wirepas: Locus.

SIDO Lyon is EU's leading Solutions and Technologies event for IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and XR for strategic decision-makers.

Enlit Asia 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand showcases strategies to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply in Asia.

A brief look at how Symbiotech can help Building Automation professionals integrate the Wirepas wireless protocol onto existing KNX networks.

Intrex Rythmos - the innovative IoT 4-in-1 safety & wellness solution designed for senior living communities.

API is a software intermediary that allows multiple applications to talk to each other, but why is it important and what makes a good API?

A brief look at how Symbiotech can help Industrial IoT lighting professionals integrate the Wirepas wireless protocol onto existing DALI networks.

Do you ever wonder where things are going wrong in your supply chain? If you do not have full visibility into your supply chain, you are most likely experiencing significant losses in four different ways: Spoilage, Damage, Inefficiencies, and theft.

If you’re developing a smart product or think your smart product proposition is ready to launch, run through this quick checklist to make sure you can answer these core questions first.
Each answer will bring you to the next relevant question.

COVID-19 has created a fear of the workplace. Companies need to take steps to provide a clean, safe and smart working environment to make sure employees want to come back to the office.

At the heart of your technology choice is what it can do for you, at what cost. Even for products that on the surface might look similar, this choice can easily make or break a smart product.

Wirepas is on a mission to change enterprise IoT, announcing today the release of Wirepas Massive Tracking (for smart industrial geolocalisation) as part of Wirepas Wireless Mesh Connectivity Suite.

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