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on IIoT Projects' Requirements

Symbiobites #52 - Complexity - Image

#52 Complexity

Symbiobites #52: During IoT projects, the complexity does not grow linearly with the number of features, it grows much faster!

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Symbiobites #50 - Hidden Costs - Image

#50 Hidden Costs

Symbiobites #50: Systems with hidden costs will work harder to hide them. Look out for these hidden costs, especially with legacy systems!

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Symbiobites #42 - Smart - Image

#42 Smart

Symbiobites #42: As we’re seeing more and more of IoT cases emerge, the word ‘smart’ might be getting an image makeover!

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Symbiobites #38 - Paths - Image

#38 Paths

Symbiobites #38: If your IoT or software project will still be around years from now, how will you feel about your actions today?

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