Smart Product
Planning Guide

Many smart product projects fail even before they begin.

Before you launch your project, you should be able to answer ‘Yes’ to these critical questions if your proposition is ready to push forwared.

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Who will Benefit From
The Planning Guide?

This Guid is Designed For A CEO, CTO, Head Of Engineering, Or Any Champion Of A Smart Product Project In Any Industry.

Any project involving connectivity has unknowns and risks. We’ve mapped out the process of overcoming the most common obstacles that prevent IoT projects from getting off the ground.

Whether you’re just starting to develop a value proposition and are looking for guidance or have a complete proposition and are stress-testing it, these core questions will walk you through:


  • Ways your smart product can deliver value
  • How to overcome certain obstacles for project buy-in
  • How to start architecting your smart product
  • Looking are skillsets & planning resources.


Each question provides additional tips from lead software consultants with experience on successful smart product projects to guide you through the process and get your smart product off the ground.

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From choosing the right connectivity infrastructure to ensuring smooth business transformations, we work with you to deisgn, develop and deploy transformative IoT engineering solutions.


Our flexible approach to assessing challenges and goals deliver bespoke IoT solutions that deliver on objectives.


Our industry-leading expertise has delivered smart products with ground-breaking functionality.

Smooth business transformations

We ensure your smart product is launched effectively, ensuring every ounce of value is extracted.

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