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Symbiotech is the distributor of Redlore solutions in Australia.

Achieve full transparency over your logistics and supply chain, in transit and in the warehouse.
Redlore detects and predicts events as simple as a temperature excursion or and as complex as a damaging shock.


Track the condition, status, and location of goods from origin to destination and get touchless delivery confirmation.

RedLore tracking devices contain sensors and patented AI algorithms that detect and predict harmful events, without the need for fixed infrastructure in the vehicle or warehouse.

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Improve food safety and automate compliance reporting with continuous refrigerator temperature monitoring, real–time alarms and digital logs. Small, wireless sensors for fast infrastructure–free installation and operation. Significant savings through reduced spoilage, labor savings and improved energy efficiency.

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The solution tracks almost any type of physical asset, including people, capital assets (e.g. carts, tools, movable equipment), raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods.
The positioning engine (RTLS) will locate the asset in even the most complex environment, indoors and outdoors.

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Your may require a custom solution because your challenge has specific performance criteria, special features or has massive scale.

All Redlore products have been developed using modular buildings blocks. Most likely Symbiotech can tailor them to meet your specific needs.

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Redlore PRODUCTS & Technology

Redlore red smart tag

The Smart Tag wirelessly informs the gateway of its presence. In cold chain applications it will also measure temperature and can detect motion, shock, vibration and tilt. The built-in smarts work together with the Logistics Engine to detect and predict anomalies, even without a permanent connection.

Redlore RL4 red sensor

The Smart Sensor contains up to 10 sensors to detect motion, vibration, shock, magnetic field, temperature (ambient or at a distance), humidity, light, sound,…

The Smart Sensor works together with the Logistics Engine to detect and predict unwanted situations. Complex multi-sensor events can be detected and even predicted.

red asset tracking solution

The Gateway can be installed in the trailer, on the pallet or in the warehouse, depending on the application. It is easy to mount and dismount for yearly cycle.

The Gateway forms the bridge between the Smart Tags and Smart Sensors on one end and the Logistics Engine on the other end. It uses cellular communication to cell towers, so it is nearly always connected, indoors or outdoors.

redlore grey asset

Employees can be equipped with a RedLore Smart Badge. The Smart Badge tracks the location of employees indoors and on the yard. It also works as a clock-in/clock out badge, so you always know who is on-site. In addition, it detects automatically if the person is operating specific equipment (e.g. a forklift), check authorizations and send out alerts in case of unauthorized equipment use.

If you are a Pharmaceutical Company, a Transport Company, a Manufacturer or a Wholesaler moving High-Value Goods, a Supply Chain business shipping or receiving Perishable Goods,
We can help you create full visibility over your supply chain with Redlore IoT and AI based smart logistics solutions.

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