Sensors & IOT – Smart Cities, Infrastructure & Mobility


Sensors & IOT : Exploring real-life implementation and future transformation for smart city – mobility – buildings and energy through sensors, IoT, connected solutions and data. 

The annual virtual Sensor and IoT summit 

Organized by Transform industry, the event is aimed at innovation leaders, technology managers and subject matter experts in the field of sensors and IoT, with particular expertise and focus in the smart city, mobility, buildings, infrastructure and energy sectors.

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Driven by expert content, valuable peer to peer interactions and the best sensor technology, this event is all about real-life sensors, IoT and future technology applications, strategy and case studies. Discussions will offer a visionary view of today, and also the future.

Transform industry: leading organizer of IOT events

Transform Industry have an unrivalled track record of providing unique insight and content for the Sensor and IoT space – informing, connecting and engaging with information, solutions and technologies that are at the heart of the Sensor and IoT industry, informing conversations and shaping the future.


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