Re-imagine the Future of the Workplace Online Event


Digital Workplace Summit

It’s throwback time!
Since the 80s, the modern office has gone through a lot of change. We have witnessed the death of cubicle farms and the rise of open floor plans; and business parks have given way to the rise of Silicon Valley-style offices, complete with ping pong tables and break out spaces. But now, after years of being told to invest in our workspaces and create a productive environment for our workers, our workers are working from home, and our innovative workspaces are once again empty.


How to adapt our workspace, keep mental health positive for our team and have the right technology to support it?

An exclusive fireside chat to debate the future of the work environment!


Featured speakers:
Industry experts to discuss the future of work, workforce and the workplace, and how the pandemic has shifted the “role” of the office:
Jessica Schubert, founder and executive coach at Intact Teams and
Lucy Faulconer, leadership coach and facilitator. Together they will discuss insights on keeping your team motivated; and what needs to be done to maintain and guarantee a positive culture within your business, even if they are working from home.

Peter Black, Strategy Business Partner at Axiom Workplaces. Peter is an award winner with more than 25 years of experience in strategic design. He’ll be filling us in on his thoughts about transforming your business into a strategic workplace.


Together they’ll be tackling these questions:
-What’s changed in the design of our office spaces?
-Are teams more productive working from home or in the office? Does this change across different industries?
-Is it possible to keep a team creative with the rise of remote teams?
-How to improve mental health in the workplace?
-And also have some fun with our favourite 80s online games.


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