Wirepas Connectivity Suite is the offering for Industrial/Enterprise IoT wireless mesh connectivity.

Wirepas is growing. Their business is maturing and their contribution to the new global IoT standard has propelled them into the limelight. They have always had a unique technology, purpose-built for the massive industrial wireless mesh networks and that is one of the reasons Symbiotech has always keen to promote it and support it, as it was a well-aligned connectivity solution to service its solution providers/ customers in the smart building and smart industrial markets.

Wirepas Mesh 2.4Ghz

Wirepas is the technology that can make massive IoT happen. With projects like 700,000 devices (Environmental sensors, tracking tags, luminaires…) in a single, secure, massive network and not a collection of thousands of isolated islands of subnetworks. Mesh is an understatement. That’s massive!

To note, on May 19th 2022, The company change the name of their wireless mesh connectivity suite. Wirepas Mesh 2.4Ghz used to be called Wirepas Massive.

Wirepas 5G Mesh 1.9Ghz

They have a new exciting 5G product under development. One based on the same mesh stack, just with a new more capable OFDM radio technology providing more range and reliability on the 1.9GHz global unlicensed spectrum. This 5G solution is not cellular but it is going to challenge the cellular 5G in IoT.

To note, before May 19th 2022, this new Wirepas 5G Mesh 1.9Ghz used to be called Wirepas Private 5G.

Wirepas NEW branding

wirepas logo white png

Naturally, their brand needed to be able to handle such a strong new offering.
So their branding has just changed drastically, they want to be very different from everybody else in the market with something very true, very real and very much no non-sense. Wirepas might come across as unconventional or simple or even blunt. But they believe this is what their customers, partners and industries need. Communication in the IoT market is painfully generic and feature-driven. They want to challenge the big (cellular) narratives because they believe there is a smarter way to do massive IoT, without prohibitive cost.

Their launch video reflects that.

Symbiotech aligned

The Wirepas’ “Nothing artificial, No bullshit” positioning is quite current for Symbiotech, as one of their leading global partners. Indeed, Symbiotech is focused on making IoT happen, for real, and has been already doing so for the past 5 years in the industrial wireless mesh IoT circles. The Wirepas Connectivity Suite opens the doors to new markets and Symbiotech is the right partner to help IoT solution providers enhance their solutions with mesh connectivity, and tackle new opportunities.

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