Intrex’ 4-in-1 Safety and Wellness Solution for Senior Communities


intrex Rythmos

Senior living communities offer residents a variety of lifestyle alternatives, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, etc. Therefore staff and caregivers require a system that can be adjusted to each resident’s risk level in order to suit their demands. 

IoT technologies are sophisticated tools that help residents improve their quality of life, whilst also providing information to their family members for peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones can be easily located and aided in an emergency. 

Intrex is offering exactly one such solution – Rythmos

The device in conjunction with the software lets you know exactly where residents are when they require assistance, whilst providing room-by-room positional information when a resident pushes the wearable button or falls – letting staff respond the fastest way possible.
Furthermore, when a Rythmos® Community + Wearable resident leaves the community, the GPS and LTE technology kicks in to offer position and alert information while they’re out and about.

The 4-in-1 system for simplicity and easy management

The Rythmos® 4-in-1 Safety and Wellness Solution was created with senior living residents in mind, featuring sophisticated technologies.
With integrated fall detection, access control, wander management, voice assistance with Alexa, and telehealth integrations, Rythmos® provides everything needed to keep residents safe at any budget.

– Community & Community+ Wearable
– RTLS & Activity Tracking
– Pull Cords & Fall Detection

– Proximity
– Open Door
– Egress

– Wireless Smart Locks & Readers
– Magnetic Locks & Window Sensors
– NFC & Proximity

– Contact Tracing
– Sink/Soap Proximity
– Handwashing Stations

Rythmos® may be installed within less than 24 hours with minimal disruption to residents and staff and can work through any building material.




Cut the cords! No expensive cable runs needed.
With the Rythmos® system, installation is quick and painless.

Rythmos® requires no WiFi infrastructure and operates completely independent of your WiFi. If your WiFi goes out, Rythmos® stays up!

Worried your nurse call system will go down when the power goes out? No need to worry.
Rythmos® is battery powered and can stay up even when power is out.

Who is intrex?

Intrex,  coming from a woman-owned firm that has been delivering direct care in homes for over 40 years, is committed to assisting elders in ageing safely at home. They began their journey by collaborating with senior living facilities to develop and implement creative solutions that would keep residents safe and healthy.

Intrex ensures that their solutions are based on real-world operational and strategic difficulties, rather than just producing cool technology with limited application. Intrex is eager to work with communities who want to enhance the way they measure, monitor, and deliver care.

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