Dr. Anand Sivamalai, Partner at Symbiotech, celebrates Ph.D. graduation


We’ve tried to understand a little more about what he was learning and how he is putting this to the benefits of Symbiotech’s customers.


What was your Ph.D topic related to?

My Ph.D. was in wireless communication, specifically on the topic of large antenna arrays at the mobile phone base stations.


How do you link and apply those learnings to customer concrete challenges?

Typically, technology and techniques that evolve in order to meet increasing demands of cellular networks and equipment eventually trickle down into low cost and low power devices, those of which are the key components of IoT systems.

Multiple antenna arrays allow for the exploitation of spatial information, specifically the “angle-of-arrival” (AoA) and “angle-of-departure” (AoD) information between the communicating devices. We are already witnessing this now with the release of the Bluetooth 5.1 standard at the start of this year which utilizes multiple antenna devices to derive AoA and AoD information in order to deliver positioning data which is much more accurate.

If we look at our customers’ constant need to identify where people, vehicles or high-value items are actually located, these improvements in positioning accuracy clearly unlock new asset tracking solutions for our customers.


Professor Jamie Evans and Dr. Anand Sivamalai at the University of Melbourne graduation ceremony


How did you go with both committing to your academic work and your customer deadlines?

It was a huge challenge to find the time. Thankfully Symbiotech thrives on teamwork, and the other partners were able to contribute effectively during times where my time was severely limited due to Ph.D. commitments.


Being across both academic and real-world challenges related to IoT projects – where do you see it at the moment?

I believe that the IoT is still very much in its infancy. Given its pervasive nature, it offers the ability to drastically improve the efficiencies of many current world processes. In particular, the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency are today some of our most pressing problems and can be well addressed by what IoT can offer.

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